Whimsy B.

Hey there! Welcome to Daily Dose of Whimsy! If you’ve stumbled across my humble, little blog- we are still in the early stages of the world of blogging! Truth be told, it’s something I have wanted to do for a long time but never have! So this is FINALLY it! Here I am!

So who am I? I am Briana. Wife to a wonderful husband, and a mother to two darling children, Amelia & Maddox. I’ve grown up in Ohio all my life. Military life brought me to the state of Washington for a few years. We joke about moving back there all the time, but honestly, my heart is in Ohio. (Kudos to you if you sung it like Hawthorne Heights!) Post-military life for us was a hard adjustment, but definitely worth it. Kyle- my husband- is now a nurse at a veteran’s hospital here in Dayton. He loves his job, and I love his schedule! As a stay-at-home mom, I thrive on schedules and the added chaos of never knowing Kyle’s schedule with the military was just too much. Here we are now, back in our cozy, mid-western state, nuzzled in the City of Dayton. We’re former Cincinnati-ans, and know that area much better than our new turf. We’ve only lived in Dayton for about 2.5 (ish?) years! Jeez- it almost sounds weird to even say it’s been that long!
Enough about where we’re from, but really, who am I? Well that’s a great question. And I wish I could tell you in full detail but I can’t. I am still in the process of writing my own story and figuring all of that out.  I do know that I love to write- and I buried that passion a long time ago. Poetry actually, it’s kind of my thing. And maybe one day I’ll share it with the world. I can tell you I love my family more than I love myself- they’re the air I breathe and the wind in my sails. I can also tell you that I love cooking, you’ll see lots of my own personal recipes pop-up on here so stay tuned! I am in the process of a weight-loss journey that I started in May of this year, so I plan to post a lot of healthy recipes that I either created, or have adapted from other wonderful food bloggers out there! I hope that these recipes and my success will inspire others to get healthy and be pro-active about taking care of their bodies! With that being said- I still love tacos. And that will NEVER change.

With all that being said- let me answer a question I get all the time — “Why Whimsy?” Well I’m glad you asked! The exact definition of the word whimsy is “capricious humor or disposition; extravagant, fanciful, or excessively playful expression.” You could say that people who are full of whimsy, are odd (in the best way) but often fanciful and lovely. Think Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter. Are you following me? That’s kinda how I’ve felt my entire life. Just…odd. But wonderful in all sorts of ways. I love the whimsical world of Alice and Wonderland, and all the mystery found down the rabbit hole. I love the whimsical sound of wind chimes before a storm. Whimsy is just a word that I associate with so much of my life. Very humorous. Definitely extravagant. and always playful. I think these things describe me perfectly. But you’ll have to stick around and decide for yourself if you agree!


Aside from eating tacos and living most days like the Mad Hatter’s tea party scene, I also juggle a little boutique from the side lines. Say hello to Whimsy B. ! Right now my business is primarily focused through Facebook, but I will eventually establish a real website with more products! Right now, Whimsy B. Creations & Design,  focuses on handmade goods such as jewelry, blankets, graphics etc. It’s my humble little starter company that has a big heart with grand ideas and I can’t wait to see where it leads! Definitely check it out- give me some feed back and let me know if there is something you’d like to see.

As I write to you about my life and share my story, I hope I can bring a little bit of whimsy into the lives of others. Our life has many ups and downs because hey- we’re only human! We’re certainly not the Brady Bunch, but God, why would we want to be?! (By the way- If you’ve stuck around to read this far- you get some brownie points!) Part of this blog is going to be dedicated to exploring new activities in our area that are kid-friendly, the best date spots, and all the in between! You can also expect to see mom-friendly posts about life and relationships, craft ideas, and like I mentioned earlier- recipes!

That’s it for tonight! I have to go shop for a shirt for an interview tomorrow! *gasps* To think I might actually have a job that requires me to function around other humans?! The horror! I hope you enjoy your evening wherever you are out there!

Love always,


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