10 Quotes To Inspire You Throughout The Day

Restless nights keep me up and my mind tends to wander. I find myself on Pinterest looking up catchy quotes and inspirational affirmations. I have a board dedicated to motivation through life and it’s every day battles. These are my 10 favorite quotes and affirmations that I try to remind myself of daily.

  1.  “Don’t compare your life to others. There is no comparison between the sun and the moon. They shine when it’s their time to shine.” sunmoon
  2. “Feelings are not facts.” feelings
  3. “A ship is always safe at shore, but that’s not what it’s built for.” – Einsteinshore

4. If it costs you your peace, it is too expensive.” peace

5. “Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable.” believe

6. “What you feed your mind determines  your appetite.”Hiking Around The World

7. “Don’t let your mind bully your body.” c8b579e262b39cb41d171ea3a0034d42

8. “Your heart is the light of this world. Don’t cover it with your mind.” – Mooji


9. “I aspire to be a giver. A giver of love, a giver of good vibes and a giver of strength.” ila-10082

10. “You are the sky. Everything else is just the weather.” 49aa3061c88bb0c51a6011e26a9f1e8f.jpg

I look at these almost every day. Particularly the last one. My therapist recommended I find a mantra that I keep and recite during difficult moments. Something to hang on my fridge or on my vanity that I can be reminded of through out the day. It’s the quote that speaks to me the most. It reminds me that I am above all of my emotions. All of the emotions, the tough situations, the bad days- they’re only temporary and ever changing. Just like the weather.

I encourage you to find a quote that inspires you! Something to repeat to yourself often and to give you a boost of encouragement or motivation throughout the day. If you have one you recite often or find one you really enjoy, leave it in the comments below! I would love to hear it!







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