October seems to be the start of the busiest time of the year for me. From October 1st to December 26th- my life is chaos. I’m not entire sure what it is that makes October so busy? But it never fails! Between Kyle’s birthday, fall activities, Halloween, and all the in between, I feel my brain slowly turning into a pumpkin.

Today Amelia’s class had a scavenger hunt at Cox Arboretum. We live about 3 miles from the park and we practically live there in Spring and Summer months. She’s been begging to do a school related activity since school started so I caved. Least to say- it didn’t pan out so well. We ended up venturing on our own away from the class but I still think she had a good time! We found almost everything on the list! 😉

This post is short and sweet today! Tomorrow we’re taking a trip to Grandma’s Gardens in Waynesville! Stay tuned for a fun post about that! Here are my favorite photos from today. I hope you enjoy them!



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