Literally. Where did November go? I mean, I blinked and we were eating turkey smothered in cranberry sauce, guzzling the baby cokes by the pack. Why does it seem like time just flies by us anymore?

Staying busy is the only way I can function most times. It’s just like Newton’s law- don’t ask me which one- but the one about an object in motion stays in motion? Man, The second I stop, you’ve lost me. So I just go, go, go. Until all hours of the night.

Yeah, life feels kind of like that right now.

The holidays have always been so crazy and busy. From October 31st to December 25th, my life goes from just busy, to down right chaos. Planning dinners, and birthdays. Anniversaries and holiday parties. Don’t get me wrong- I LOVE it. I love planing. I thrive off the pressure. The stress does get to me, so steer clear. But once the party is ready to go, it’s such a relief. Seeing everyone joyful and having fun, makes it all worth it.

I hope you all are gearing up for the busy holiday season! Here’s a few of my favorite November photos!

Happy late thanksgiving! May you have lots of leftovers to get you through the week!



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