I’m back!!! I took a bit of a break from writing. I needed to remember why I started this blog, and why I needed to continue it. If 220 people read about my life, or only 2 people read it. Fine. Its still important to me, and it’s something I’ve longed to do for years. So why wouldn’t I keep up with it?! My 2019 resolution, is to write AT LEAST once a week. That can’t be too hard, right? Since my last post, a lot has happened, too much to bore you with so I won’t go there! Instead, I’ll share a bit about our snow day this weekend, and get back into my recipes, crafts and life hacks for the rest of the year. Sound good?

In Ohio, they tell us to expect 5-7 inches of snow and one of two things happen. It ends up being 60 degrees, or we get a quarter inch of snow. The weather man is NEVER right. Ever. I mean, who is this guy anyway?? So when they told us expect up to 7 inches by Saturday, and we ended up with over 8 inches?? Well. THAT was not expected my friends. The snow was literally deeper than my dog 😂

We actually had to dig him little paths to walk through. It was quite comical. My two little snow bunnies however, they were loving it! From the moment they saw a snowflake drop from the sky they were asking to build a snowman. And maybe I’m the worst mom ever- but neither one of my kids had any “snow friendly” gear. And the old “socks for gloves” trick doesn’t work for my kids. Anyone else have this problem??

Nothing a Target trip couldn’t fix! After the roads were clear of snow (and terrible drivers) we loaded up, and bought the last pair of snow bibs and water proof gloves. Apparently I’m not the only one slacking in the warmth department at the last minute. Who knew. Maddox had no such luck. So I bought him baby gloves to at least try and keep him warm. He refused to keep them on. So we improvised. And he didn’t wear them. Life with a two year old.

I shoveled our drive way before we left. And Maddox was terribly disappointed that he couldn’t lift the giant shovel to help. So when we stumbled down the snow aisle to find a bright green shovel, just his size? It was evident we were bringing it home. Look at that face! I’ve never seen a baby so happy to work have you?

Apparently it doubles as a good snow taste tester as well!

Also- pretty sure we made the world’s most pitiful– I mean FANTASTIC snowman you’ve ever seen.

She’s so proud of him. Cherry tomato eyes and all!

After about 30 minutes of freezing, and falling in the snow a dozen times, it was time to make one last snow angel, before heading inside to finish off the day with hot chocolate and snuggles.

This guy has the right idea!

Stay warm friends!


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