I have long awaited the chance to post about Max’s room finally being finished! Before he was born, Kyle and I argued for days about what theme his bedroom should be. And honestly- I’m not one who loves character decor but Star Wars is a classic! I mean, come on! (Although I won’t tell you how many of the movies I’ve actually not seen 🤫) It all started with this adorable letter “M” I found at Hobby Lobby.

It’s probably my favorite part of the room if I’m honest. It was only like $5!!! But it’s the perfect addition. The BB-8 was a toy we bought him for his first Christmas! Not because he knew what it was or anything, but it was just super fun! He now loves it as it zooms around the floor, and it’s a staple decor piece now. Just like that Porg.

Toys can be a great use of decor too! If it matches your theme, leave it out of the toy box and stick it on a shelf! We found these two books at Half Price Books and I think they are the cutest addition.

Even the corny light switch gets kudos from me. (Not sorry.)

We just transitioned Maddox from his crib to an actual bed. It was time. I knew when looking for a bed, I wanted gray. Rather it was wood, or metal- it didn’t matter. I just wanted gray. We looked for a few days and found the best prices for beds was Ikea! This twin size bed frame was $129.00 originally, plus the bed slats that are about $30-$60 depending on which you get. That’s still less than $200 for a great piece of furniture!

Or you can get lucky like us, and find this baby put together and ready to go in the “As Is” section, for only $100. Pro-tip: ALWAYS check the bargain bins every where you go.

Speaking of bargains- has anyone been to bargain hunt? I LOVE that place. That star pillow, sheets and the star blanket at the foot of the bed, all came from there. Originally pieces from target retailing for a total of about $100, I got them all for less than $40. It pays to been a Bargain Hunter.

No room would be complete without a special little reading nook. Or a Chewbacca chair. This this is hands down the great kids chair ever. Now this thing wasn’t a cheapo purchase; it was one of the items we splurged on for Christmas because I just had to have it. I want to say $50? But it truly just adds to the room! When you save on other pieces, it’s totally okay to have that one “must have” piece!

This is not Star Wars related what so ever, but I wanted to include it because – this kitchen was a yard sale find that I plan on renovating in the next few weeks!!! Trying to decide what color it should be. Any suggestions?!

It’s the cutest kitchen ever!! And it’s his favorite toy. He loves making Mama lunch made of plastic and felt. 😉

That leaves me to my last part of the room- these custom made prints I purchased from Etsy. They’re blue print designs of the Star Wars space ships. We had them centered over his crib when it was in the room, but now that we’ve moved things around, these are just kind of hanging out in a weird spot. But I haven’t decided where to move them yet! In time. For now, they’re fine where they are for all intents and purposes.

In conclusion, when decorating a kids room on a budget, follow these tips:

  • Shop bargain bins, and clearance items. Scratch & dent furniture even. Sometimes it’s as simple as a tiny dent on the back side of a bed frame and saves you nearly $100!
  • Use toys as cheap decor to fill in spaces! Match them around your theme, using color, shapes, or characters/animals, etc.
  • Shop Etsy for unique pieces/prints you can’t find anywhere else to add something a little extra to your room, while supporting a small business!
  • Decide a staple piece you HAVE to have, and spend your money on it. It will add a lot of character to a room design, and you won’t feel like you’ve cut corners in every part of the room!

If you have any other helpful tips on how to decorate on a dime, leave them in the comments below!


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